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Reaching the lost and equipping the believer for purposeful and victorious living!

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Greetings Friend,


Thank you visiting me on the web! It is my prayer that something on this site blesses and encourages you that you are valuable in God's eyes and He has a great purpose and plan for your life. The bible teaches us not to lean towards our own understanding, but in all of our ways to acknowledge Christ and He shall direct our paths. Sometimes the path of life makes no sense to us, but because of His omniscience, God knows where He is taking you, so even when you don't understand, just acknowledge Him, allow Him Lordship, and take your rest in the peace of knowing with Christ leading, you're always going somewhere and it's for your eternal good! You have a purpose in this world and someone's life depends on you! As you browse the site, I pray the testimony of my life and service in God's Kingdom is evidence of God's unfathomable love, mercy, and His great grace towards each of us, regardless of how wretched our lives may be.


Friend, God is no respector of persons, what He has done for one, He can do for another.

It's really not about "Hope D. Blackwell", but about US ALL making HIS name great throughout the world! The world needs to know and experience His love through us. Whether He uses you to share with the stranger on the bus or on a platform before thousands, your purpose is equally important and you are equally valuable in the Kingdom. In a world filled with contradiction, hate and contention, let us share Christ's love. Each moment you live, surrender your life, desires, hopes, and dreams to Christ, and He will order your steps on the path of fulfillment and purpose!


Be encouraged, God is with you and He will see you through it ALL. The bible declares in Jeremiah 29:11 that God knows the plans He has for you and they are good and not evil and plans to give you a hope and a future.


In the love of Christ,




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